Video: The Top 50 Moments Of The NBA Lockout Games

12.04.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

One day someone will make some inspirational documentary or 30 for 30 special about the six months in which the streets took back basketball. Kevin Durant became legendary. John Wall cemented his legacy no matter if he ends up an NBA All-Star or a draft bust. And LeBron somehow still got criticized at every turn. While the majority of the country missed out on full-length basketball games, YouTube and Flip cams exposed us to some of the nastiest dunks and plays that we’d probably never see in an NBA arena.

For the next 14 or so minutes, you’ll be able to recap and get a glimpse of the 50 craziest plays of the NBA offseason. While I don’t want any more lockouts, I do think we’ll be seeing more games like these during offseasons as they really help players create their brands. Anyway, get ready to watch people dunk your face off and try not to salivate too hard thinking about Christmas Day.

[Ball Is Life]

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