Waka Flocka’s Momma Talks Tour Bus Shooting

02.17.11 7 years ago 14 Comments

By now, most are aware of Waka’s latest, unfortunate incident in which his tour bus got in the way of bullets. To help manifest the truth to the youth, Waka’s mom Deb Atney takes to YouTubey, giving an updated account of the events.

Cliff Notes

1. Neither Waka or any members of his immediate entourage were involved. According to Ms. Deb, Waka’s wasn’t even around.

2. Gunfire was exchanged between “random cars” at the let-out, thus ruining that night’s parking lot pimpin’ session. Waka’s security detail took the opportunity to let off their pistols as well. According to Ms. Deb, reacting in this way is proper protocol for security.

3. Deb Antney is just “Waka Flocka’s momma” and I love saying that phrase. In person, I probably wouldn’t joke around though, equal parts out of my respect for women and…she just doesn’t seem like the type to be fooled with.

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