Vikings-Giants Live Blog, First Half

10.21.13 4 years ago 733 Comments


Two teams; one win between them. Yet the live blog remains. Our commitment to getting drunk and mocking bad football is that strong. Also I started Brandon Jacobs in fantasy this week against my better judgment and am interested in seeing how poor my choice was. UPDATE: Jacobs is inactive, so very poor!

Josh Freeman gets his first start as a Viking. Should he underwhelm, there will be trolls arguing that it’s his fault that the season turned to disaster in Tampa, so a lot more than lingering pathetic hopes for the Vikes rides on his performance. Be good enough to beat a winless team, Josh. We… believe…in…you?

Meanwhile, Eli Manning has yet to play a game this season without a turnover and only had one when he turned it over fewer than three times. I think a minimum two derps or our money back policy should be in effect for the evening.

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