Vilma Got A Full Year Banhammering

05.02.12 5 years ago 25 Comments

Affect the head.

The last of the Rog bountygate banhammerings has come, as we all knew that it would. After dishing out punishment to coaches and front office types, Ginger Justice remained to be served on the players. It being against players, you knew it would be rough. But would the punishment be suitably draconian or mere garden-variety trip to the woodshed? We now know The Rog don’t swing the banhammer at anything less than 100 percent strength.

Four players were suspended in all. Jonathan Vilma got a full-year suspension, meaning he and Sean Payton can start scheduling their 12 months on the road together, scouring the landscape for adventures and tales of redemption. Favre destroyer Anythony Hargrove, now with the Packers, got eight games. Will Smith got four games and Scott Fujita, now with the Browns, got three.

Proportionally speaking, a season-long suspension to a 30-year-old linebacker is much more severe than Sean Payton’s lost year. But that’s happens when you get snippy with Goodell’s favorite push-up chronicler.

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