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02.15.07 11 years ago 65 Comments

We’ve been trying to decide if we should continue the Meast of the Week award all through the offseason, but I think it’s probably a feature best left to when football is present in our lives and not leaving a gaping void in the pit of our souls.

Besides, the MOW posts were largely used for us to talk about whatever the fuck we wanted, and now we have 6 whole months to do that anyway. And now here is the illustrious roll call of all the KSK Meast honorees. From this batch you must pick one player, the player we at KSK shall bestow the title of Meast of the Year upon. Making your work even harder is the fact that Sean Taylor, the original Meast himself, isn’t even on this list! Oh, the ironing.

Here we go. Make your picks in the comments. Coronation next week.

Week 1 – Shawne Merriman

Week 2 – Mike Peterson

Week 3 – Panthers defense

Week 4 – Santana Moss

Week 5 – Bears defense

Week 6 – Alan Faneca/Josh Brown

Week 7 – Steve Hutchinson

Week 8 – Mike Vrabel and Tully Banta-Cain

Week 9 – Jason Taylor

Week 10 – LaDainian Tomlinson

Week 11 – Chad Johnson

Week 12 – Bart Scott

Week 13 – Lorenzo Neal

Week 14 – Drew Brees

Week 15 – Pacman Jones

Week 16 – Steven Jackson

Week 17 – Darrent Williams

Wild Card Round – Shawn Andrews

Divisional Playoffs – Deuce McAllister

NFC Title Game – The Sex Cannon That Is Rex Grossman

AFC Title Game – Bob Sanders

Super Bowl XLI – Prince

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