Wade Phillips Boasting On Twitter Is Adorable

11.08.12 5 years ago 27 Comments


The Texans and the Bears meet on Sunday night in the most highly touted game of Week 10, a contest before and during which the phrase “possible Super Bowl preview” will be mentioned with great frequency. While there are other facets to be intrigued by, it’s mostly a showdown of great defenses. The Bears D leads in the NFL in takeaways, while Houston’s ranks third in yardage, first in third down efficiency and an overwhelming first in jumping white guys deflecting passes.

As we all know, Houston’s defense is coordinated by Wade Phillips, who never amounted to much as a head coach in the NFL despite getting multiple shots at it. But he’s done a hell of a job as a coordinator. In that sense, he’s like his counterpart in Chicago, Rod Marinelli, a guy who made a terrible head coach but has done an admirable job with lesser and more focused responsibility.

We got so used to seeing Wade fail in a high-profile job in Dallas, where the roly-poly dopiness inherent in his personality was just presented as evidence that he lacked what it took to be a head coach for a marquee franchise full of pressure and big-name talent. But now Wade is doing well enough for himself in his new job that he’s getting chirpy on Twitter about upcoming games. And that’s kind of adorbs.

Aw, you big, dumb lug. Watching Wade talk shit is like what I imagine watching Winnie the Pooh talk shit would be like. Now that I mention it…

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