Want To See The Rejected Cast of “Star Trek?”

Senior Contributor

Back when you could beat your wife for serving terrible coffee and Don Draper was considered normal instead of a complex protagonist, TV shows were sold to advertisers and affiliates with “sell sheets”, basically informational brochures about the show. Most of these are mind-numbingly boring, full of bland ad copy and boilerplate biographies of the actors that nobody cares about or reads.

And this one is no exception, except for the fact that it shows us the original intended cast of “Star Trek” and it was…different.

How different? Well, fans of TOS will recognize all these people from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, but the sell sheet offers more details about them and what Roddenberry was going to do with them. It’s pretty fascinating stuff, especially the bits about Welshie*, and you can find it at Blastr.

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