Want to See the Wolverine 2 Cast List?

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We knew you did, so we tracked it down for you.

The original link was from Pajiba, but by the time we’d gotten there, Fox had demanded that they take it down. Because that totally works! Text lives forever on the Internet, guys. Anyway, here’s the list we found everywhere else:

Logan: After getting into trouble in his native Canada, Zen, Japanese man, arranges for Logan’s release and offers to answer questions about his origin if he’ll accompany him to Tokyo.

Shingen: His late father was the Master of the Hand, but rather than allow Shingen to take on the role, he killed himself and left the Hand masterless, hoping that they would choose Logan as their new Master.

Zen: He finds Logan in jail in Canada and makes him an offer he can’t refuse – to come to Japan and learn about his origin.

Kenuichio/Samurai: He’s the illegitimate son of Shingen, but Shingen refuses to acknowledge him as an heir. He’s also an expert Samurai, and he attacks Logan several times as a “Silver Samurai” with electrified armor.

Mariko: Shingen’s daughter. Shingen has arranged her marriage to the corrupt Noburo, but when Logan saves her life, they fall for one another.

Yukio: Logan’s bodyguard. They have an immediate physical attraction. She’s also still partially loyal to Shingen and reports back to him, but she’s more loyal to Logan, who she considers her master.

Noburo Moro: Minister of Justice. He’s corrupt – in the back pocket of the Yakuza – and Shingen’s arranged for him to marry Mariko.

Viper: Noburo’s secretary. She’s in league with both Shingen and Kenuichio, her lover, but she’s ultimately more loyal to Shingen.

Frank Sinatra: Japan’s answer to Frank Sinatra. A Yakuza higher-up who provides Logan with information.

So we guess Silver Samurai’s showing up in this one, but no Sunfire. Not like he’d be missed, but still, we’re surprised Fox isn’t trying to cram all the characters it can in there.

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