The Green Lantern Sequel Is Already On The Horizon

06.27.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

I ended up taking my dad to see Green Lantern yesterday and walked away thinking it was a pretty good movie. By pretty good, I mean I do not see any Oscars in its future, but it didn’t suck balls as most reviews will lead you to believe. Apparently, Warner Brothers feels pretty good about it as well and is hoping to squeeze a franchise out of this.

Word has already leaked out that the next Green Lantern motion picture is already in works, despite its box office numbers. The story goes that Michael Goldenberg retained the film’s team of writers as to have the luxury of shooting the second and third installments basically on the same dime.

We all know how rumors go though and nothing is guaranteed until a profit is turned. With a reported $300 million dollar budget and $89 million dollars in the bank after a two week draw, it appears that Hal Jordan still has some work to do. The road doesn’t get any easier with several potential blockbusters releasing over the next month.

Bonus: Speaking of movie franchises, Tom Hanks revealed that the fourth installment of Toy Story is already in the works.

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