Warren Sapp To Be Sassy TV Judge

04.30.12 5 years ago 17 Comments

Not long ago, Warren Sapp was content with life and getting his kicks accusing Jeremy Shockey of being the Saints bounty snitch. Suddenly, things have turned sour, Sapp has declared bankruptcy and lost his analyst gig with NFL Network. Times is tough. But Sapp perseveres. In fact, he’s already apparently gotten a job as a daytime television judge, because Judge Joe Brown just has too much gravitas to be embraced by the unemployed and/or people stuck in the waiting area at a Jiffy Lube in the middle of the day.

At a taping of the show on Saturday, the production company paid audience members $50 each to sit around, so you know it’s gotta be good.

This is a PAID AUDIENCE of $50 Cash, paid same day to attend this show. Must be 18 and over to apply and available for 6 hours. Each shift is listed to the left.

Description- As a studio audience member, you will be watching and reacting to court cases as presiding Judge Warren Sapp decides who is right and wrong. You will be ON CAMERA.

Warren Sapp: What’s that you say he done?

Woman: I have photographic evidence of the defendant defacing my automobile. We dated for a while but the relationship has been over for more than a year. He still tries to get in touch with me, but I make it clear that I am not interested. Recently, I began dating a new man and the tires of my car have been slashed and scratches and other superficial damage made to the exterior of the vehicle. A neighbor took these photos the last time he did it.

Sapp: Uh huh. That’s an interesting story. On the other hand: BITCHES IS CRAZY! I award full ownership of the car plus legal fees to be paid to the defendant.

Woman: WHAT?

Sapp: Ruling is made! [Uses helmet as a gavel, starts dancing and barking at the crowd]

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