Washed Out Performs For Daytrotter, Girl Sticks Flowers To Her Face

03.22.12 6 years ago

“Chillwave” may or may not be a passing fad, but one thing’s certain: Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, is still keeping the lo-fi, atmospheric genre alive. Greene recently stopped by Daytrotter to cut intimate live renditions of his songs “Amor Fatti,” “Feel It All Around” and “You’ll See It,” entitled “Flower Anthem.” And, instead of filming Greene performing, director Karina Eibatova decided to just record a woman taking flowers out of her mouth for nine straight minutes, with Greene’s soundtrack as the backdrop (hence “Flower Anthem”).

Whether this viral video resuscitates a full-scale chillwave renaissance remains to be seen. However, Greene’s stripped-down tunes are pretty neat and the whole body-as-a-canvas thing could make a nice over-under bet.

[gorilla vs. bear]

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