Blink 182 Keep It Trill In H-Town

09.27.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

What are you more surprised about? The fact that TSS is posting second-hand footage of a Blink 182 concert, or the fact said footage contains the recently regrouped pop rockers bringing out Bun B, Paul Wall and Slim Thugga at a recent show in Houston? My gut says you guessed the surprise guests in H-Town, but some of you are straight-up nitpickers, so who knows.

Either way, as a past fan of the group and an ongoing supporter of most things draped up and dripped out, I personally found this gesture to be a pretty cool move on behalf of the former Enema Of The State rockers. Not only do fans get some unforeseen swag, but Blink actually benefits from reinforcing the genre-crossing bridge Travis has built for them while separated.

Plus, I’ll take “I’m A Boss” over the pussy-ass “Adam’s Song” any day of the week.

Props: Miss Info.

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