Jarren Benton – “Shut Up Bitch” Video

01.23.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

We wouldn’t necessarily call the music video to Jarren Benton’s raucous single “Shut Up Bitch” NSFW…unless you happen to be around a bunch of woman’s rights activists. In that case, it’s definitely NSFWomen. More than likely, they won’t appreciate seeing the Davey Crockett-cap-wearing rapper depict his quick flow by choking out a main squeeze, then shoving her head down the toilet. Or, when he stops drinking PBR in his car, only to get out and stab another nagging female then pull her out of shotgun to causally make fresh roadkill. Basically, this ATLien literally holds back zero punches in order to help clear the voices from that twisted gourd and further promote his upcoming project, Freebasing With Kevin Bacon.

What justifies everything though, from the visual sickness itself to the mind behind these twisted thoughts in general, is the purposely-cheesy domestic violence public service announcement at the video’s end. Half-humorous for it’s light-hearted nature, but equally disturbing for the same reasons, this end-cap shows Jarren is not only someone who doesn’t give a flying f*&k about what anyone thinks, but also an artist who will use that mentality to propel towards the top.

If that happens, it may end up NSFA (not safe for anyone).

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