Watch: Jonah Hill Curse At Kids In “The Sitter” Movie Trailer

08.08.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Jonah Hill wants to babysit these bratty kids, and ends up getting them involved with drug dealers while trying to score some poon” appears to be the premise of Mr. Hill’s latest, The Sitter. While it doesn’t look to be the most original ride around the block (it seems to borrow heavily from Steve Carrell’s Date Night), the red-band trailer does inspire some laughs, and Jonah Hill’s exasperated facial expressions are always worth the price of admission.

Even funnier than the red-band trailer is the bizarre introduction, featuring a slimmed down Hill shootin’ the sh*t with a group of “wonderful, perfectly ethnically diverse kids.” Whether it’s improvisation or not, the exchange is absolutely hilarious, highlighted by a cute black kid asking Hill if white people really do suck, to which Hill replies: “Yeah….. yeah,” while nodding. On another note, not sure if I’m ready to live in a world where Jonah Hill is in reasonable shape.

Directed by Pinapple Express director David Gordon Green, The Sitter hits theaters December 9.

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