Struggle Feat. Yelawolf & Waylon Jennings – “Outlaw Sh*t” Video

11.11.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

Let’s face it, half of you are checking this out because there’s a Yelawolf feature. I know this, because initially, I was right there with ‘ya. But, upon digging deeper than the title, this “Outlaw Shit” video makes it very obvious Struggle has a voice of his own.

Even if the director Tyler Clinton’s high-definition storyline of deceit-turned-deadly wasn’t intriguing enough, the Slumerican associate’s new single lyrically finds him stuck in the middle of a battle between the arch-rivals on either of his shoulders. Unfortunately for Young Strugg, though, the scoreboard still proves rather lopsided. Apparently, that moniker comes with justification as he was just locked up earlier this week.

So, while some Yela slappys probably aborted before even watching, hopefully the rest of you realize why he associated himself with his Slumerican brother in the first place.

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