Watch This 3-Year Old Deaf Child Hear His Father's Voice For The First Time

06.20.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

Three-year old Grayson Clamp was born without his cochlear nerves, which rendered him completely deaf. But that didn’t stop Len and Nicole Clamp from adopting this deaf child from foster care and giving him the best upbringing that they could provide. That included a cochlear implant that failed, but they didn’t stop there, and thanks to their willingness to participate in a research trial at the University of North Carolina’s hospitals, Grayson heard sounds and his father’s voice for the first time ever recently.

A microchip implanted in his brain helps process and recognize sound which travels through tubes to his ear.

“We don’t know exactly what it’s like for him,” said Grayson’s mom, Nicole Clamp. “We don’t know exactly what he hears. His brain is still trying organize itself to use sound.”

She and Len say their job now is to teach Grayson how to process the sound. (Via WBTV)

You can see Grayson’s reaction to his father telling him that he loves him above, and hoo boy, the allergies are strong tonight.

(H/T to Hypervocal)

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