Tony Bennett & Lady GaGa Duet For “Lady Is A Tramp” Video

10.05.11 6 years ago

If you’re looking for ways to maintain your status as “the man,” look no further than Tony Bennett. The always-dapper, Big Apple crooner may get respect from your grandparents, but more importantly he’s admired by every single artist who’s touched a microphone for his ability to remain relevant for almost seven decades. One current superstar who jumped at the chance to work with this legacy of lungs is the always-fascinating Lady GaGa, who actually had to tone down her persona for their visual duet, “Lady Is A Tramp.” Respectably rocking a laundry-detergent-blue wig and sassy linen dress, the Little Monster leader playfully tugs on her sexually-charged image in order to help sell the 15-time Grammy-Award-Winner’s swinging single from the second offering of his Duets series.

You’re Grandma might not get into GaGa, but if you can set your musical preferences aside for just a few minutes, you might learn a thing or two about bridging the gap from the man who coined the term “Rags To Riches.”

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