Way to Go, Adam Schein

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Adam Schein is a mostly unremarkable columnist for NFL.com. I visit the site damn near every day and struggle to recall one thing he’s ever written. But oh boy does he stand out for having the worst preseason Super Bowl pick: the Texans and the Falcons.

At the time it didn’t look quite as awful as it does now that the Falcons and Texans both have 2-9 records. Back then, both teams were coming off consecutive seasons with playoff appearances and Atlanta had almost reached the Super Bowl seven months before. Still, much of the writeup is so, so painful.

Let’s start with the NFC. I think the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are loaded, but as I documented Tuesday, I think the NFC West is best; it’s a fierce and bloody division. It will stun me if the division champ (I’m picking San Francisco by a game over Seattle) is able to compile enough wins to capture the No. 1 seed.

As such, I believe the NFC will go through Atlanta. And I believe that will make a difference this year.

Ooh, that’s bad. Hold on, though, it gets worse!

Standing in Atlanta’s way come February will be Matt Schaub and the Houston Texans.

I don’t want to get repetitive here. Earlier this month, I wrote a column that explained why Schaub is the most significant player in the league this year. He’s been very good, and so have the Texans. But they haven’t been great.

As I stated in my prior column, I think Schaub takes a step forward.

Hey, don’t laugh too hard. There are still fives games left for Schaub to nail down this sitting on the bench thing. He could be an ELITE former starter by the time the season ends.

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