Week 10 Early Games Open Thread

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Should be an exciting day for this family and their mutant, hybrid Packers-Eagles fan son. This afternoon, Seneca Wallace becomes the first black starting quarterback in Packers history. No doubt Green Bay fans will hail the achievement coming at the expense of Aaron Rodgers being out. Incidentally, what’s more devastating for Packers fans? The fact that Rodgers is out or that John Kuhn has only touched the ball seven times this year? I bet they miss chanting his name.

A rematch of last year’s dramatic divisional round victory by Atlanta over Seattle instead looks like another inevitable Seahawks win tinged with history. Of late, the Seahawks haven’t been as dominant with bad teams as most would expect, even though they still manage to pull out wins, so look for them to spot Atlanta a 28-point lead only to take it all back in the final 20 minutes of the game.

Today might be Baltimore’s last chance to get back in the AFC North race. A loss to the Bengals drops them three and a half games out of first place. Without Geno Atkins, Cincinnati is certainly more vulnerable to the run, an advantage the Ravens could certainly use, as their line issues have made it hard for them to run on anyone.

Jay Cutler makes his return after sustaining a groin injury against the Redskins three weeks ago. Thanks to a fortuitous bye week, he only missed one start. There are some who are concerned that Cutty is rushing himself back onto the field, but you know, if you have a groin injury and you have a chance to play a defensive lineman with a history of kicking QBs in the midsection, you do it.

Tuel Time ends – hopefully – for Buffalo as E.J. Manuel starts for the Bills for the first time since Week 5 in Cleveland. Troy Polamalu has already derided Buffalo’s attack with Manuel as “the flavor of the week” so expect the Steelers D to only surrender 40 this Sunday.

Your early game slate, as rated by KSK’s not-at-all subjective, rigorously scientificated five-star system:

Seattle at Atlanta **
Cincinnati at Baltimore **
Detroit at Chicago ****
Philadelphia at Green Bay ***
St. Louis at Indianapolis **
Oakland at New York Giants **
Buffalo at Pittsburgh *
Jacksonville at Tennessee **

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