Week 12 Meast and Least: Marcedes Lewis Is The Malk of Tight Ends

12.01.11 6 years ago 35 Comments

Every time I see Marcedes Lewis’s name, I picture a car that vaguely looks like Mercedes but is actually a cheap Taiwanese knock-off. The logo looks the same, but the words around it read “Marcedes-Bonz.”

Marcedes fulfilled the promise of his name on Sunday, dropping the widest of wide-open passes that was oh-so-gently tossed to him as he stood alone in the end zone. A season after 700 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns netted him a $35 million contract, Lewis has just 281 yards and zero TDs this year. Google probably said it best:

Del Rio: “I still have faith in Marcedes.”
Jaguars: “You’re fired.”

So yeah, Marcedes Lewis is the Jeff George Memorial Least of the Week.

And the Meast:

Drew Brees is mildly competent at football: 363 yards passing, four touchdowns, no interceptions, and the rushing TD you see here in Monday night’s ass-stomping of the Giants. I was up against him fantasy. I did not win.

Also, we should mention that the Flubby Raider Homer Nomination of the Week™ is the strong-legged combo of Sebastian Janikowski and Shane Lechler, who respectively kicked a hundred field goals and punted the ball clear out of the stadium, far beyond the reach of Devin Hester.

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