Week 5 Late Games Open Thread

10.06.13 4 years ago 1,019 Comments


A silly typo by ESPN after Peyton Manning dismantled the Ravens on opening night. And yet it should presage the type of stats Pey-Pey is going to put up on Monte Kiffin’s Dallas defense. Though I wouldn’t hold my breath about the Cowboys pulling this one out. Worth pointing out that the NFC East only has two wins outside the division coming into today.

With the Oakland game delayed until the dead of night, the late game slate only features two contests: the seemingly enticing matchup of first place teams that is Dallas and Denver, which might be great if one of those teams weren’t first place in the NFC East, and Carolina-Arizona, two putrid teams, one of which is already searching for a new head coach. That would be Carolina, a team many questioned for returning Ron Rivera. Here they are, just three games into the next season, and they’re already searching for the next coach. Why even bother bringing Rivera back? Because they’re the Panthers is why.

Your late game slate, as rated by KSK’s not-at-all subjective, rigorously scientificated five-star system:

Carolina at Arizona *
Denver at Dallas ***

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