Week 6 Late Games Open Thread

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It times like these I wish the Broncos had a more ruthless head coach. Whereas a coach like Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll or one of the Harbaughs would be determined to try to hit triple digit points against the Jaguars, John Fox is likely to pull starters in the second half once the Broncos’ victory is no longer in doubt. It’s for this reason that some advise betting against Denver covering the biggest spread in the league history. If nothing else, I look forward to more Twitter beef between the Jags’ and Broncos’ official accounts.

If you ever tire of laughing at Jacksonville, there’s a legitimately good game in New England, as the Saints travel to Gillette Stadium to face the Patriots. Drew Brees is 3-0 in his career against New England, which is a pointless stat yet I still enjoy citing it. Some Patriots players and coaches are quietly expressing frustration at Rob Gronkowski for appearing to be fully recovered in practice but not dressing for games. On one hand, it sucks if teammates are trying to pressure a player to return to the field before he’s ready. On the other, I’m all for the Patriots suffering internal strife in any form. If you had a chance to see ESPN’s Sunday morning segment on the thrilling experience for celebrities to visit Bob Kraft’s luxury box, you’re more ready than usual for the Pats to be wiped out of existence.

In fact, every game outside of the inevitable blowout in Denver is a matchup of winning teams. The Titans are trying to give their hot start from falling apart within a span of two weeks. The only problem is they’re going into Seattle with Ryan Fitzpatrick starting under center. Good luck with that. In San Francisco, the 49ers and Cardinals battle for sole possession of second place in the NFC West. Even though the 49ers have yet to look as impressive as 2012, still seems unlikely that Arizona pulls the upset. Probably has something to with the Cardinals current two-game winning streak coming against the Buccaneers and the Panthers.

Your late game slate, as rated by KSK’s not-at-all subjective, rigorously scientificated five-star system:

Jacksonville at Denver **
Tennessee at Seattle **
New Orleans at New England ****
Arizona at San Francisco ***

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