Weird, He Always Seemed Like Such A Cool Guy

10.28.11 6 years ago 41 Comments

Shocking news from Minnesota, everybody. According to what I can only assume is a false and libelous report, Bernard Berrian’s release from the Vikings was largely due to his alleged bad attitude. reported Friday that in addition to indifference about his own play, Berrian did not even pretend he was interested in the team’s fortunes…

The report said Berrian was more interested in being a celebrity than football and quoted an unidentified former teammate who said he would bet Berrian didn’t know the names of several current Vikings players.

“If he’s not producing, but he’s practicing hard, playing hard, doing everything you ask — you’ve just got to find ways to try to help that guy be a productive player for you,” Vikings coach leslie Frazier said. “But if the production isn’t there, the attitude isn’t right, then you’ve got to say, ‘OK, is he giving us anything in the locker room?'” [Pro Sports Daily]

I dunno, that doesn’t sound like the Bernard Berrian that *I* know. I’m going to wait to until EAG Sports writes a press release that tells his side of the story.

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