Welcome, Concerned Relatives Of Maj

10.17.10 7 years ago 46 Comments

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Regular readers may have noticed that we’ve been less productive than usual on an NFL Sunday. Apologies, as the Gay Mafia spent the early part of Sunday celebrating only the second time all six of us have been together at the same place. Finally, a circlejerk where we don’t have to resort to using a quorum!

Obviously, the occasion was Maj-Schorno wedding yesterday, where Maj’s older brother at the reception encouraged all their family members to visit our dear blog. So let’s all congratulate the newlyweds for becoming the new black sheep in their respective families.

This will have to do as the open thread for the rest of the late games and the night game in Warrrrrrshington. It’s been an entertaining day of action so far, with San Diego’s continued and hilarious implosion, DeSean Jackson getting decapitated, the much-hyped Packers falling to .500, a couple women in Denver expressing their preference for the taste of Jeebus.

Oh, and you know I love this shit. I’ll update just as soon as Ray Lewis tells a reporter the same thing.

#Ravens that pass was incomplete…refs stay trying to cheat usless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

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