Well, That Happened

12.16.08 9 years ago 22 Comments

Sweet interminable birth of Baby Jesus, that game went on forever. I mean, all the interceptions the Eagles threw in the endzone were kind of amusing, even if the air of inevitability of an Eagles win hung over the Linc from even before the opening kickoff. And Ken Dorsey is a rousing one-man band of suck. Still, this thing couldn’t have been more plodding if it were a Bergman film. If it weren’t for generous cheerleaders shots, I might have gotten slightly more impossibly tanked.

Kevin Kolb, looking only slightly less unkempt than KSK live blog participants. Very kind of you to spot Cleveland a courtesy pick-six, quarterback fuckwitted Philly fans would like to start for them.

Is it really a good idea to show up in a Santa-like hat in a Philadelphia stadium, no matter even if the rest of your body screams Green Man.

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