Belkin’s WeMo Light Switch

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While Kickstarter keeps giving the little start-ups a voice and advantage, the big dogs have to stay on their Ps & Qs. This means more slick gadgets for the consumer while those companies stay competitive. Which explains how the always-innovative folks over at Belkin came up with the futuristic WeMo Light Switch.

The WeMo’s basically a wifi-connected contraption that lets you customize the on/off times remotely from your iOS or Android device. The actual light panel is controlled with a gentle tap, and installation is simple, with DIY enthusiasts in mind. The software built in has IFTTT support, so expect third party apps and possible hacking in the near future.

Strangely though, Belkin’s WeMo reminds me of the 2012 Kickstarter sensation LIFX light bulb, which does exactly the same thing, but from the light bulb fixture. It is an low energy LED super light bulb that lets you schedule times for on/off, controllable from your cellphone, uses wifi, and it also lets you change the color of the light and its intensity. And yes, I know what you’re asking, it can do a strobe light effect too (stay away, Weezy).

The LIFX was the grassroots project that needed $100k to get their idea off the ground, and ended up racking in $1.3 millie. While it looks like Belkin wants some of that “techie light fixture” money, this is great for technology as a whole. More ideas come out that can advance our society to make life that much easier.

As long as stuff gets better and we move faster, everyone is winning.

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