We’re Bringing Sexy Back

04.17.07 10 years ago 43 Comments

Today is another special day here at KSK and I’m pleased be introducing you to the newest offerings in our line of haute-couteur. Earlier in the offseason we debuted the collection with the uber-exclusive Sex Cannon logo. Well after a long discussion with Rextacy himself I learned that multiple designs–like orgasms–are vastly supperior to the singular alternative. So brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies) because we’re unloading the goodness all over your chest.

’99 Draft Class

The single greatest crop of quarterbacks to ever hit the NFL Draft was supposed to make us forget all about Marino, Elway, and all the other old fuckers that we didn’t like that much to begin with. At KSK we honor this mishapen menagerie of signal callers, even if a few of them are selling robot insurance at Leisureworld.

Truthfully I just made this shirt because I really wanted it for myself. I liked the way it came out so I decided to make it available to the general public. So here they are, three different styles of the ubiquitous Starting 5 shirt.

The five greats featured in their team color on lightweight coton flanked by the heavyweight t-shirt in black with gold and the ladies option. If you are looking for different colors or styles all you have to do is email me with your request, we’re quite flexible.

Sexy Business

Are you sexy? Do you make said sexy work for you? Then you my friend are in the Sexy Business. Another homage to our favorite Sex Cannon this shirt sums up everything that is the cumslinger.

On the left is the sexy red ringer shirt for all the hipsters out there lookin’ for love in all the sexy places. To the right we have the team color edition of said shirt; either way, you’re ready to fuck.

But what about the ladies??? Oh don’t worry about that, it’s about time we spread the sexy downstairs.

Ah…combine the sublime hotness that is the hip hugging undergarment with the overt sexiness of KSK and you’re guarnateed to attract some attention (especially if you’re wearing nothing else).

Now all we need is some models! We tried putting them on Ape’s cat but…uh…that didn’t end well. So all you lady readers out there need to get your shit in gear! Free merchandise for the first piece of ass to send us that picture.


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