Wes Welker Took Molly, So Now Concussions Aren’t The Only Reason He Isn’t Playing

09.02.14 3 years ago 85 Comments

Wes Welker was already likely to miss at least some of the start of the regular season, given that he had yet to be cleared medically for contact drills in practice after suffering his third concussion within the past year during the preseason.

Luckily, the NFL found a way to take the focus off concussions by suspending Welker for the first four games of the season, reportedly because he took molly while at the Kentucky Derby, which might help to explain that whole incident where he passed $100 bills out to strangers.

The Broncos have reportedly known about the coming suspension for some time. If that’s true, why sit on it until just before the first regular season game? It seems like it would be easier to dump the news in, say, the middle of July.

Though there are a lot of jokes to make and that will be made about players getting suspended for recreational drugs, there’s also the matter of the NFL getting sued for the long-time practice of trainers doling amphetamines, among other controlled substances, out to ailing players who later developed a dependency on them.

Just something to think on. In the meantime, we’ll wait for more updates from Mike Florio: narcotics expert.

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