Wes Welker Visits Virgin Islands With Wife And Blow-Up Doll

02.19.14 4 years ago 52 Comments

Via Busted Coverage, pictures have surfaced of Wes Welker and his wife enjoying the off-season vacationing on the sandy beaches of the British Virgin Islands.  Seems like he’s taking the Super Bowl loss fairly well, though I’d imagine that a tropical vacation with your gorgeous wife would erase the sting of a blowout loss pretty quickly.  And hey, if all else fails, he can always see if Mrs. Welker would be down for a threesome with the blow-up sex doll that they apparently brought along with them.

This raises a bunch of questions – perhaps most notably the question of why Wes Welker would not only bring a blow up sex doll on vacation with him, but also take it to the beach?  He could probably take a few lessons from it on proper catching technique (look at that bend in the elbows!  What good form!), but the more intriguing question is this: Why are Welker’s lower legs obscured in each picture?

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