Wesley Snipes Could Have Been On Star Trek

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08.26.10 8 Comments


Blastr found a memo from 1987 that was supposedly sent to Paramount’s Head of Network TV, filled with casting suggestions for Star Trek: The Next Generation. If this is to be believed, both Wesley Snipes and Reggie Jackson were being considered for the role of Lt. Geordi LaForge, the role which ultimately went to LeVar Burton.  And the role of Captain Picard might have gone to Patrick Bauchau or Yaphet Kotto, my second-favorite actor to play Othello if you don’t count the ones who have a daughter in porn (third-favorite if you do). Also, Wil Wheaton might have taken a massive hit to his nerd cred, because the only actor they were then considering to play Wesley was eerily-familiar-looking ginger J.D. Roth.

Many of the actors on the list ended up guest starring in episodes or playing a different character in the series. Others, like Wesley Snipes, fell off the face of the Earth. I mean seriously, what did that guy ever get cast in after 1987*?


* I have to point out this is sarcasm, to avoid the eight “FAIL, never write again you ‘so called’ blogger, DIAF, I’m never coming back here again” comments.  FML.

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