West Coast Troll War Taken to New Heights

12.18.13 4 years ago 68 Comments

Responding to Seadderall Seahawks fans purchasing a brick at the new 49ers football stadium, San Francisco fans put down their chardonnays for long enough to come up with the only argument they need to end the two cities’ troll war, by raising funds for a billboard showcasing the team’s five championships.

niners trolls

This is like someone flicking the back of your ear on a cold day, so you have sex with his mother in front of him. It’s really escalated and let’s hope it doesn’t stop until that Hulk doofus and Kristopher Viana compete in something not dissimilar to the Running Man.

Update: Looks like they’ve raised more than enough, and since billboards are one of the only high visibility forms of advertising left (Yay Pirate Bay!) some aging land baron in Seattle is obviously going to take that cash.

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