What Happens When Odd Future Gets Signed?

03.02.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

In 1975, Roy Harper sat in some cheeky music executive’s office on behalf of Pink Floyd, only to discover their sensory perception began and ended with sight—of potential dollar signs. In 1993, the GZA dealt with industry weasels who would rather climb mountains than get in tune with the witty unpredictable lingo he and his fellow clansmen were kicking. Now in 2011, things haven’t changed up one bit for the Negroes you all love to hate, OFWGTA, as they try to ink a deal with a big label.

Only it’s a parody of what’s likely to be their future, or perhaps what was their recent past. Featuring the underrated talents of Paul Scheer, Tyler & Co. are all ears but of course, they don’t like what they hear.

One can’t help notice that although the clip is obviously supposed to be taken in jest, isn’t it a rousing uncovering that their offensive act is, well, just an act? Still, “the fuck BET” line is already a classic line.

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