What If Life Operated Under The BCS Rules?

09.07.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

There aren’t many things more complicated in life than the BCS. Since its birth over a decade ago, the determining factor in deciding who plays for college football’s national championship has been the source of so much controversy, even Congress has decided to take a look into its inner workings. And while that’s timeless great and all, no one can offer any explanation as to these “inner workings” aside from the terms “computers” and “strength of schedule.” Semi-related, have you ever given the time to think about what life would be like if our daily interactions with people operated under the same set of guidelines? It’d be plum f*ckin’ crazy as the old heads used to say around my way.

The following video depicts such a circumstance and it’s definitely one to help the monotony of the work day pass by a tad quicker. For as comical as it is, watching Young Boise receive the run around for placing fourth in the spelling bee for no better reason other than failing to be as “popular” as the other three sort of brings a sense of clarity to things. College football – and possibly spelling bees – need improvements in their crowning processes.

But in the meantime, we’ll just continue to complain about how things are. It’s not like not watching is an option.

Respect: SBNation

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