What you missed over the weekend: Weddings, Engagement Rings, Rugby and Barbecue

05.20.13 4 years ago 33 Comments


– Fans reportedly bought out RG III’s wedding registry at Bed Bath and Beyond, but if you look at the registry there are still quite a number of items still listed as needed, so either RG III is big on hyperbole or if the couple is adding new items to their wish list. (Or perhaps in a fit of sanity, fans are canceling their orders.)

Of course this led to a lot of present-shaming and calls for the Washington quarterback donate all the gifts to charity, an idea the bridegroom was not too fond of. No word if our own Unsilent bought him the KitchenAid stand mixer or the dehydrator so Griffin can make his own beef jerky and fruit leather.

– The NFL announced a new partnership with the Premier Rugby League in hopes of someday creating professional league here in the US, or perhaps more accurately, establish some sort legacy league for when the ghost of President Taft Teddy Roosevelt bans football in 2109.

– Dwight Freeney signed a two-year $8.75 million contract with the Chargers. According to NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, Freeney wanted to “wanted to play with a quality quarterback who could build leads — more fertile ground for sack totals.” Just a hunch, but a good $250,000 of that deal might have come from Rivers himself for the positive soundbite.

– What had been initially reported as a simple procedural insurance change to Peyton Manning’s contract actually was a move to give the Broncos $2.5 million more under the cap this season. (Nothing like two contract stories in a row that make you wish it was the preseason already.)  

– Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson looks like he’s in the clear for criminal charges relating to an altercation at his home last December, but the civil suit lives on. Elsewhere in Cleveland, the former Cleveland Browns Stadium is changing its signage to reflect its new name, First Energy Stadium.

– Texans Mario Williams and his former fiancee meet with a mediator for three hours on Friday and failed to come to an agreement over a $785,000 10.04 carat diamond engagement ring he believes she should return to him. What does this have to do with football, other than Williams’s ex alleges he’s mental unstable? Not much, but I’m including it in the wrap-up for all of you lovely people who keep writing into the mailbag worried you’re not buying a big enough ring and asking how much money is too much money to spend on a ring. Let this story be a warning to you; don’t focus so much on the ring.

– And finally, nice little ditty over at Football Study Hall/SBNation about the Great Tiger Stadium Barbecue of 1940.

More than 125,000 people were on hand for the event held in the stadium that Long famously championed. Two massive expansions under the former governor’s watch had brought the seating capacity to more than 40,000. The raw numbers on the 1940 inaugural feast were also impressively huge:

  • 1,000 beef cattle
  • 3,000 pounds of barbecue sauce
  • 130,000 buns
  • 5,000 gallons of lemonade

Goodness. Gives us all something to aspire to this upcoming holiday weekend.

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