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03.01.10 8 years ago 26 Comments

House Shoes is a diehard. A simultaneous gatekeeper and torchbearer for Detroit, the city’s music, the legacy of Dilla and the essence of Hip-Hop. When thinking of “real Hip-Hop,” this guy was one of the first people whose mind I wanted to probe to see what he listens to when he’s not in charge of selecting songs to rock a crowd.

Sidebar: Technically, Shoes doesn’t even own and iPod (he does occasionally add songs to his BlackBerry so he can listen while on the go). Not that it matters; Shoes lives and breathes music.


MarvWon – “The Way It Goes”

Marv is like my lil brother. Y’all know how he goes in on the battle scene, but his best songs are introspective real life shit. I’m always telling him he needs to do more joints like this.


Quelle – “Blue Mondays”

Quelle is a fucking monster. This joint is what sold me on him. “Sell coke to white folks…” Shit makes me wanna kick a puppy.


Freeway – “When They Remember”

Stimulus Package is nutso. Made me go back to this joint i was playing the shit out of a couple years ago. May be my favorite Free joint. Soundtrack to some taking over the world type shit.


Moe Dirdee – “You Don’t Belong In Detroit”

Moe is one of my hometown favorites as of late. This is some classic Detroit shit talk right here.


Drake – “Successful/Say What’s Real”

Fuck y’all hippity-hop fucks who say Drake ain’t dope. He is. These are my favorite kind of joints he comes with. I listened to “Successful” for two and a half hours straight the first time I heard it. And skipped Wayne’s verse for the majority.


Mayer Hawthorne – “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” (Astronote El Camino Remix)

My life’s soundtrack right now. Astronote beat the brakes off this shit.


Nottz – “Shine So Brite”

Nottz. Period. HEAT.


Strong Arm Steady Feat. Phonte – “Best Of Times”

This shit just makes you feel good. Phonte destroyed the hook. The shit needs to be on MTV.


The Roots – “Donuts (Outro)”

?uest and The Roots recently covered a gang of Dilla joints. This may be my favorite. Shit slaps hard as hell. Well done, Ahmir.


Outkast – “E.T.(Extraterrestrial)”

This joint stays in the clip. One of my favorite songs in life. Period.

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