QoTD: What’s The Worst Album You Ever Bought?

01.25.13 5 years ago 233 Comments

The music industry has changed. There was a time when only a handful of projects dropped every month and you sort of had not choice but to listen to the bad albums because they were all you had until a good album dropped six weeks later. Because of the infrequency of albums released in yesteryear, we put quite a few stinkbombs into our car stereos.

Your truly has already lamented the bad albums and artists I supported in my day. The worst is hard to pinpoint: maybe B Rich’s debut, Canibus’ abominable first project or Common’s Universal Mind Control come to mind.

As for you? Sound off and don’t be ashamed. We know you have some bollocks in your collections.

P.S. The image? Blame Gotty™

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