Whee! Two Fun-Loving Dogs Took Their Owner’s Truck On A Joyride

02.26.14 4 years ago

Two Tulsa, Oklahoma dogs, Roscoe and Luna, went on a super fun joyride earlier this week when their owner left them unattended in his pickup truck for 15 minutes. One of the dogs somehow managed to put the truck in gear, which sent it barreling down a hill, across a busy road, through a running trail, (just narrowly missing runners) and into the Arkansas River, where the truck came to a rest just off the bank. Thankfully, both dogs made it through the ordeal unharmed. And while it definitely would have been a huge tragedy if any runners had been seriously injured — you really can’t deny that the price of two dogs cruising around and having literally the best time of their entire lives would have kind of been worth it.

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