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12.26.12 5 years ago 21 Comments

The Seahawks will likely have to win three games on the road to make it to the Super Bowl. Recent history tells us that’s entirely possible for a Wild Card to accomplish, but still by no means an easy feat. They’re been playing well enough the last few weeks for fans to start entertaining the fantasy. Which means it’s only a matter of time until Seahawks fans produce their own Super Bowl anthem. Whatever it ends up being, it probably won’t have the kitschy, mid-’80s charm of “Locker Room Rock”, the anthem for the 1985 Seahawks. I think that could work as a suitable replacement in case a decent Seahawks anthem doesn’t materialize in the next month. Granted, a lot of “Locker Room Rock” is woefully dated, but it does include a sexy sax solo. And people nowadays love ironic sexy sax solos.

— The Dolphins might be sporting the above logo starting next season. It’s a little more sleek, but decidedly sans Dolphin helmet. Uh oh, looks like someone is gonna have to update his frightening skull tattoo.

— In the off chance you’re in the market for the worst primer on pro football, you’d be well advised to locate a copy of the 1992 book, “The Reggie White Touch Football Playbook”. Sad to find no section on two-hand bounties, though.

— Brandon Spikes jokingly tweeted that he was leaving out a fat rail of coke and some Jack Daniels for Santa. People got upset because people suck a lot of the time. Also because drunk, coked-up Santa might miss a few houses or swap presents for more lines.

— There appear to be Griffmas carols, because of course there are.

— Beanie Wells said he’s approaching Week 17 as a tryout for “the other 31 teams that’s watching.” I assume most of those are CFL teams.

— Joey Porter didn’t end up spending Christmas in jail, only most of Christmas Eve. He was released on Monday afternoon after paying that $70,000 owed to the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas. A Corporate Peezy always pays his debts.

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