Where In The World Is Larry Fitzgerald, 2013 Edition

02.25.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Larry Fitzgerald is making an annual tradition of taking exotic vacations in February. Last year, we had some fun with him after he tweeted pictures of his trip to Machu Picchu. Not that we mean to chide the guy. He certainly has the time and the resources and it’s only right that Fitty have a chance to free his mind from the soul-mashing drudgery of playing for the Cardinals and their stable of terrible quarterbacks.

This time around, Fitty has opted for a slightly less tropical destination in Slovenia, where the ice wall climbing is apparently quite nice. I don’t object to more adventurous vacations, though I’d prefer those trips take place somewhere that I’m unlikely to freeze, but that’s me. Certainly Fitty could tack on another stop at a beach resort somewhere before he heads home.

It’s a shame that the Travel Channel already wasted the concept on Dhani Jones because I could watch trying extreme sports across the globe. Can’t imagine any of them are tougher than trying to make Kevin Kolb appear adequate.

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