Where the F*ck Is Waldo Winslow?

05.22.08 9 years ago 12 Comments

The Cleveland Browns have been wondering exactly where the fuck their Pro Bowl tight end has been hiding out this offseason. Fortunately, our intrepid field reporters managed to capture a snapshot that shows our missing protagonist in action. Can you pick out the real Kellen from all of the impostors?

Hint: He’s one of the fucking soldiers.

Not to worry Browns, Drew Rosenhaus is on the case!

Yeah assholes, why should he have to pick up the (SPRINT MOBILE!) phone and tell his coach where he’s at? For soldiers like Winslow, leaking such information could put his entire unit in danger.

Photoshop by Ape

Video via FanHaus FanHouse

Waldo image via JTrue

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