While In Atlanta, Russell Westbrook Had A Very Violent Dunk

12.20.12 5 years ago 17 Comments

There aren’t five better athletes in the NBA than Russell Westbrook. Hell, maybe not even three. Wednesday night in Atlanta, the all-NBA point guard threw down a dunk so enraged it was felt here in D.C. While he didn’t actually put anyone on a poster – a la Teague on Durant earlier this year – this is the sort of flush that makes defenders think twice about testing verticals with Westrbook.

There’s a time and place to dive into in-depth discussions about Russy’s style-of-play, how it coincides with K.D. and whatever else pundits can conjure to create some sort controversy between a tandem and a squad who appear to be on the brink of something truly special.

Here isn’t the venue, however. Also, it’s time to really ignite serious discussions on the following topic. What exactly has to be done to get Russ in 2013 Dunk Contest, though? K.D. and I need answers. In regards to the game itself, OKC improved to a league-best 21-4 notching their 12th straight victory 100-92, of which I have these three points, two courtesy of @ThunderStats.

1. Russell Westbrook’s 27 points and 11 assists mark the 21st time he’s had at least 25 points and 10 assists since 2010. No one in the league has had more.

2. Kevin Durant’s 41 points and 13 rebounds is the 10th time in his career he’s gone for 40+ and 10+. No one in the league has more since 2010. And while Carmelo/MVP talk is the cool thing these days – and rightfully so – let us not forget about Durant. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t forget about Durant.

3. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are good. Scary good.

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