White History Month – George Preston Marshall

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Today we’re taking a unusual approach to White History Month and honoring two important White figures in the history of the NFL: The Original owner of the Washington Redskins George Preston Marshall and also William “Lone Star” Dietz their old Native American Head Coach who the team was named after but was actually White.

FYI Kind of ironic that a Lone Star Indian is the teams oldest coach when their current QBs a Tootsie Pop Rapper when you think about it folks.

George Preston Marshall was the original owner of the Washington Redskins. In addition to being a job creator, Marshall also spent the 20s and 30s getting married to the biggest movie stars on the planet. As a crazy obviously made-up complete fabrication of a wildcard example just imagine the media field day if Dan Snyder spent the last 20 years banging Tom Cruise in his owners suite actually during games while Joe Gibbs sat in front of him pretending not to notice the sounds and drips? Anyways between using his wives Oscars as marital aids, Marshall kept himself busy by dedicating his team to honoring Native Americans through his NFL team by hiring one or two of them to try out as a joke. Actually the name “Redskins” as literally everyone knows is a sly nod to the Northeastern branches of Iroquoi tribes who on certain dogwood trees every other winter were know to paint the story of a great hunt with at LEAST one hunters face painted with a dark shade of red or more frequently mahogany and NOT a reference to the common slang term Marshall used all the time for a Indian who just wont learn there lesson.

FACT: The Supreme Court of the United States (ever heard of it?) ruled that Indians waited too long to say they were offended by the name “Redskins.” No offense but even if they didnt use pregnant animals or whatever to tell time (which by the way is so impressive I wish I could do that= not racist) and filed before the statue of limitations expired, only 10% of them complained so they got outvoted by their own community.

People forget that also that the name of the entire franchise was also to honor the great proud noble Indian history of their Coach “Lone Star” Dietz who was White and had been hired like a month before they changed the name. Native Americans have been in such a rush to claim Dietz as their own they forgot to check there history books because Dietz stole the name “Lone Star” and the entire identity of a Indian who died in 1894 so that he could escape the draft so the FBI charged him with identity theft and he spent some time in a Washington State jail. In a great example of his generosity Marshall forgave Dietz and let him coach the team for two years but he had to wear warpaint and a big headdress on the sidelines to humiliate him and also honor Native Americans with respect.

Marshall was also the only owner to make a stand for this little thing we use to use called the Constitution and States rights when he tried to fight verse the NFL telling him who he had to draft. He was barely the last owner to integrate by 8 years, but if you look at the record books there weren’t many Black players at the time because they were more concerned with lining up to vote to line up in the wishbone formation for whatever reason. But soon enough there was a unfunded mandate from the Kennedy Administration for him to hire some Black players so he figured probably oughta be a team player here while Kennedys still around, and integrated. Which in retrospect is absolutely the right move for equality as well as for your playoff chances but at the time he was probably worried he’d be forced to hire Eskimo Tight Ends or Chinese Kickers or whatever was PC flavor of the month.

Marshall was truly one of the most selfless owners of any era. The mere fact that a man from West Virginia would grow up to ever spectate a sport that doesnt involve putting snakes on to different size things is remarkable, but to say hed be a NFL owner is just straight out of a sci-fi book. People forget that when Marshall moved his team to Washington DC he created thousands of jobs for minorities and Whites in the area. And one time when the Skins were playing the Giants,, George rented trains to take 10,000  fans to NYC in what was the equivilant of Dan Snyder renting 4 full Chinatown buses.

He was also the first to address the rampant reverse racism taking hold of our society as early as the 1950s, saying “We’ll start signing (African-Americans *) when the Harlem Globetrotters start signing whites.” A great point by a great man. You just know Marshall would of stood on the table for White History Month.

*the word he meant to use

George Preston Marshall is peacefully buried in Indian Mound Cemetery.

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