Is Joe Flacco Elite?

07.19.13 4 years ago 74 Comments


Today Ron Jaworski ranked Joe Flacco as the number 4 QB in his annual list of hotly anticipated QB filmnews. But theres a big question that remains unanswered we all like to debate,, its the type of stuff gets guys like me going. Is Joe Flacco Elite?

You hear us talk about QB play in the NFL alot. Almost all the time. But its actually pretty simple: To win in this league you need to have a Elite QB. Its a passing league and also its QB driven. Take a look at the Superbowl winners (people forget Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl). There almost all Elite. Unfortunatley for Flacco this is all about the eyeball test not the eyebrow test so he doesnt automatically get a free pass. We’re going to get to the bottom of it using my patented E.L.I.T.E. QB scale, and I’m going to tell you if Flacco is Elite or not.

What does E.L.I.T.E. stand for?

E- There’s not a good word that begins with “E” so I’ll say it stands for “Guts”. You need a QB whose going to step into throws not step into a new pair of sneakers to match whatever hat hes wearing at the time (Dolphin Capernick). Pocket-discipline might be a word you hear in Anthony Cromartie’s daily reminder to carry a Trojan, but its more important for a QB if hes going to be Elite. Sure the NFL is bending over backwards (no offense Johnny Knox) to protect their QBs from low hits high hits and having Jared Allen breathe on you and give you blood poisoning, but you still need a QB that will put nose to the grindstone even if he doesnt do the same for his facial hair.

L- There’s no good “L” words either but to be Elite you need to prove you can “Do it on your own” and I dont mean like Deanna Favre. To be considered Elite you need to make it happen yourself. If Im going to put my ass on the line by calling you Elite I dont want you to do things like throw short on 4th and 22 then let your over paid workhorse RB do all the work. You need to throw a deep out= a NFL throw.

I- “Interceptions”– Keep them to a minimum. Turnovers literally kill you in the NFL thats why Ray Lewis was so good at them

T- “Throws”– You have to be able to make ALL THE THROWS. You have to make NFL throws

E- “Elite” You have to emerge as a Elite player no one is born or drafted Elite. I went back and watched every throw Flacco made last year and they were all throws, no gadgets, no dink and dunking, just pure throws. Thats a QB whose too busy emerging to regress.

So far Flacco stacks up well on the I.T.E. still lacks on E. and L. thats 3/5 thats borderline Elite folks.

So is Flacco Elite? Well I’ll answer that with a different question: “Does he go on your Mount Rushmore of QBs?” If not, hes not Elite. Right now he’s got to unseat Brady, Eli(te), Peyton, and Big Ben first. On one hand he doesnt have the pedigree not only is he not a Manning but hes also Italian which makes it difficult for your Linemen to know whether your making adjustments at the line or just telling an otherwise boring story, but on the other hand he has a arm. He also threatened to illeagally tackle a 49er if they had returned a kick down the sidelines late in the Superbowl which shows you how heads-up he is especially since most players these days would of been posing for the camera or counting there kids or something.

Joes what us Football Philosophers call “Baldingers Cat,” = hes both Elite and Not Elite at the same time. But eventually curiosities going to kill that cat and then Joe Flacco will throw it.

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