White History Month – Jason Sehorn Heritage Trail

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Sehorn Trail

Jason Sehorns a true inspriation to any White player whose ever buckled a chinstrap or been told they were too slow and didnt rely enough on instincts to play CB at a high-level. You talk about a grinder,, Jason was a hell of a throwback CB known as a damn toughass player, who unlike Will Allen would stick his nose in run support instead of piles of cocaine , so I thought he should have his own memorial center where Whites and other races can come to show their appreciation for White History in the NFL. So come on down and bring the whole family to the Jason Sehorn Heritage Trail and Family Fun Center!

On the Jason Sehorn Heritage Trail please try to maintain a sense of respect for White History while enjoying all the activities the park has to offer:

• Climb to the top of Peyton Hills and have your picture taken with the statue of a saluting Ed McCaffrey

• While you’re out blazing a trail, pamper your wife at the Norv Turner Day Spa with a Al Davis chemical   peel or Farve mini-facial!

• Get a midday sugarfix at the Candy Reid Cafeteria

• Pause at the Joe Montana reflecting pool and pay tribute to the first White QB to win a Superbowl after a Black QB won one

• After kicking back with a few icy Coors yellowbellys at the Jared Allen Beer Rodeo, make your way toward the “Front Office” (Park entrance) and play some Broncos Brass Bumper Cars

• Stop by the John Lynch Birthplace Tree, thats its name dont remove words or call it anything else this is heritage not hate

• Dont forget to buy your tickets to the Romanowski Colleseum where everyday at high noon Roman the Showman will give himself another stroke on purpose from watching hours of Mike Carey calling defensive personal fouls

• The Dick LeBeau trailblazer fortune teller booth where you can look at Sehorn 900 years from now and admire the White DBs who have paved the path for your Sehorns and your Matt Bowens

• Why run through a okra patch when you can swing by Bill Belichicks Humble Pie eating contest?

• Be first one in last one out at the Tebow baptismal pool and circumcising/diving board- now thats what I call a chop block!

• Save your old penis-tip to catch fresh catfish out of Philip River

• Answer one of Park Docent Fitzpatricks famous brainbuster riddles

• Bring your daughter by the Mark Sanchez “Guess Your Age” booth

• Be careful around the wildlife, there actually descendents of Madison Hedgecocks herd of ferile   plow-oxen

• Make sure to empty your wallet into the Adam Archuletta donation-station,, a 5-year pass is a great   investment!

• Roast some “Moose Johnson” fireside weiners with the whole family

• Clear the trail of a obstruction like a true Russ Grimm Road Grader!

• And after a long day on the trail, relax with the Nanny in the Mark Chmura hot springs

Alls we need now is the funding to get it off the ground imagine a place where you and your familys can go to celebrate White History without being called a racist or the C-word. This is still a work in progress so I’m sure I’ve left somethings out, suggestions are welcome from all skin colors!

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