White History Month: Jen Selter

07.24.14 3 years ago 50 Comments


I dont think its a overstatement at all to say that Jenn Selter is the modern day equivelent of Rosa Parks.

Jen is a online celebrity and fitness model all do to the fact that shes got a butt that could launch a thousand ships. What Eminem and Elvis Presley did for rap music, Jen has done for monetizing her big ass. Shes a busnesswoman or as I call her- a entremanure. But it wasnt always this easy to make money off of guys pounding there hog to pictures of your butt.

You see, you might be to young to remember the terrible racial discriminaton of the 1990s when White men only made up 6/8 Supreme Court justices and caucsasions were FIERCELY discriminated against liking big butts. Sir Mix-A-Lot was literally the equivilent of Jim Crow personifyed when he said “Even White boys got to shout!” like White men were second class citizens who werent aloud to appreciate a girl with a butt you could verticly land a harrier jet on.

Well all that changed when a civil rights hero named Jenn Selter REFUSED to give up her big old seat. She said “no more” and bravley took a instagram of her posing sticking her butt out to make it look kindve big. The rest is history.
Jenns famous literally just for being skinny with a big butt now. All for pictures like these:




Muscle & Fitness



Folks Id put her on Mount Tushmore but she shes allready got a entire mountain in Yosemite carved in her likeness:


Now lest you think Ms Selter is just a house with a huge back yard and no lights on in the addict, she is worth a follow on twitter/IG just for her musing’s on life it self.

I even wrote a pome for her:

J-ewish Princess
E-lite butt
N-othin like a good butt IMO

L-ove you
T-ights are good
R-uh-roh Ive got a boner

Jen turned down numberous interview requests for this feature but I dont blame her- shes more about T&A then Q&A folks and I respect that. God bless you Jen, and Happy White History Month to all people of ALL races.

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