Who Dat Gonna Have A Spygate Deux

04.23.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

Go heavy on the stink lines

Remember those halcyon days when Mickey Loomis was only taken to task this off-season for suggesting Drew Brees is a less than elite quarterback? That was roughly two months or two major scandals ago, however you’re keeping track. “Outside the Lines” dropped the nuggetbomb today that Mickey Loomis listening in on other team’s coaches is part of MAWMAW’S GUMBO RECIPE. Of course, this snafu might lead more credence to the argument that spying accomplishes little, given that the Saints finished a combined one game over .500 from 2002-2004, the three seasons in which said spying supposedly occurred. Then again, it might have just required that many underhanded machinations just to be decent in those pre-Breesus days.

Suffice it say, the new allegations, should they bear out, will earn Loomis a swift Acela quiet car ride to Banhammerville, where he and Gregg Williams will affect heads and swap stories of the days before they had to blow vagrants for scrap metal to sell.

“Outside the Lines” could not determine for certain whether Loomis ever made use of the electronic setup.

That makes matters a little dicey as far as passing summary judgment. Others are making the point that Loomis has very limited coaching acumen and wouldn’t have much ability to even construe what opposing coaches would be saying to each other. Nevertheless, it just means NFL investigators are gonna be sniffing around New Orleans just as the team was bracing for suspensions from bounties.


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