Who Is The Rams Trade Mystery Team?

02.29.12 6 years ago 54 Comments

The lofty PK nuggets just keep on coming. In a SI magazine piece running in next week’s issue, PK buries the lead that the Rams have gotten a trade offer for the second pick from a team “you would never expect”. When people reacted to this, Peter rushed to correct them with a stern reminder that it wasn’t an actual offer and more of a “feeler”, which is quasi-offer-esque. Still, there remains the matter of who this undisclosed team might be. We hazard a few guesses:

Team Rocket

Team America

The Teamsters

Team Edward

A rogue scout team

The Red Sox

The Go! Team

Rodgers & Hammerstein

The Hart Foundation


The A-Team


Probably the Jets, Chiefs or Eagles

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