Who Says Accountants Are No Fun? Check Out This Awful IRS ‘Star Trek’ Parody

03.26.13 4 years ago

The wig alone cost five thousand dollars.

Get ready to swell with pride and confidence in you public officials! Apparently the US Congress had some extra time on their hands after tumbling off the latest fiscal high-thing, and used it to browbeat the IRS for misspending $60,000.

But come on, who really cares about $60,000? That’s a rounding error for the US government. Weeeell, that 60-thou may stick in your craw just a little bit once you see what it was spent on…

That “pennies on a dollar” line must’ve had them rolling in the aisles at the IRS training, leadership and professional development conference, and really, isn’t putting a smile on an accountant’s face worth 60 grand? Hmmm, yeah, probably not.

Man, that is one white Uhura.

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