Who wants cleaner (beer pong) balls this tailgate season? Clean Cup Does

07.24.14 3 years ago 38 Comments
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Half the fun of going to football games is tailgating beforehand, and a good 20-30% of the fun at tailgates is found in spirited beer pong games. Except, as anyone who has played beer pong in a dirty parking lot just a few feet away from a Port-a-Potty will tell you, it’s pretty disgusting to play.

One enterprising engineering student is looking to clean up everyone’s balls this season with an innovative new Kickstarter for Clean Cup, the automatic beer pong ball washing machine.

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Pretty nifty, eh? The ball goes into the cup and then is hit with high-pressed streams of both water and air to rinse and dry your balls evenly. It even has a nice little indicator light to tell you when your balls are ready, which I think we can all agree, is must better than just slogging them around and hoping for the best.

Inventer Tyler Dobush says he needs the forty thousand dollar Kickstarter to fund the idea as the steel molds for the manufacturing process are very expensive to make. As of now Dobush is just a couple of weeks shy of ending his fundraiser, but still well shy of making his Clean Cup a reality for tailgaters everywhere. Where are the college kids I see building $4000 Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn dorm rooms with their beer money to make this dream a reality?

[Via LAT]

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