Who’s Joined The Cast of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?”

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“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” sounds like a cheesy b-movie, but it’s a cheesy b-movie with Timur Bekmambetov behind it, so it’ll be gorgeous and have some serious cast members behind it. Benjamin Walker has already been cast as Lincoln, but who’s he going to romance and who is he going to stake?

Apparently, Mary Todd will be played by Australian actress Robin McLeavy, who, if you know anything about the historical record, had better be very good at playing crazy. Meanwhile, Anthony Mackie will be playing Will, Abe’s best friend and fellow vampire hunter, and Dominic Cooper will be playing Henry Sturges, Abe’s mentor and whose plot twist, while obvious, is totally ruined if you’ve so much as seen the Wikipedia summary of the plot.

Interesting cast, but the big question is whether the movie will have any sort of restraint to it to allow us to take it seriously, or if it’ll just be a huge campfest. Considering it’s not only directed by Bekmemtov, but produced by Tim Burton, I think we can safely assume subtlety showed up, looked around and said “Yeah, um. Yeah. I’ll just…find my own way out? Cool.”

[ via the vampire fighters at Latino Review and SlashFilm ]

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